An interview with Nicklas Sonne about the making of the album Sorry I’m late!

The songs on the album Sorry I’m late! were written 30+ years ago. To recreate them, I had to dig down in old boxes of tapes & notes and transfer it to a digital format. I then had to sort them in order, write the chords and other useful things so that ​  @Nicklas Sonne  could understand my thoughts.
In the video we talk about the process we went through. It’s a bit nerdy, but also funny. 🙂
Watch it for interest or entertainment. And IF you should be like me, who stashed the songs from the past in the closet, then you might find it useful.

Next year, in 2023, I will start recreating the next 10 songs. A bit different this time, ’cause I will release them as they are completed. This may be every 6-8 weeks.
I will document it with video, writing and pre-demos.

– The songs in Never Can Tell are in multiple genres, hence the name.
A song can go anywhere it wants to. Whether it’ll be complex or straight up.
The songs often has satire, effects and quotes as visual aids for the lyrics and meaning of the story.