Let us ask the youth of tomorrow:
“My life – is very hard when
There are so much – left unsaid
I haven’t got a job or apartment
So I might as well – kick some heads”

Stabilizing – our perspectives
Rehumanizing – our perspectives

Let’s hear what the company director of a large factory has to say.
“I like – the lovely ocean
I like – my factory
I have to keep it in constantly motion
So I drop my waste in the sea”

Synchronizing – our perspectives
Capitalizing – our perspectives

We are bound to love this world
Not to leave at any stage
We are captured within whirls
In our self created maze

Are we about to leave this world?
Will we leave without a trace?
The rebirth of boy and girl
Will resurrect that same old maze

Let’s hear it from the modern man
“I like – the lovely women
But I’m – a bit to shy
I ain’t gonna try to come near ´em
I’m such – a lonely guy”

Socializing – our perspectives
Rehumanizing – our perspectives