Release: Vision of the dark

The first single, Vision of the dark has been released. An up-tempo rocker. The lyrics is about how darkness can be scary and uncomfortable, but also be a safe space in a stress full world.
We all has to cope with different people, We use different body language and spoken language in these different situations. Also know as masks.

Imagine you are at a dinner party at a high ranked or high class company. You would, of course not, dress up in you every day clothes. Or talk in your normal lingo.
You would keep up the appearance to fit in and not put anything at risk. In respect to the surroundings, and to not fall through the cracks. This is harder than just sitting at home with the family. So you interact and do the things that needs to be done, to keep that going.

Now… the lights went out….. Gasp!!!

After a short while of discomfort you feel that your shoulders drops down. You breathe more easily. For a while, untill the lights come back, you feel at ease.

At least, thats how I feel. Maybe it’s just me. But I dont really think so 🙂